Miller Environmental Services, LLC

Tank Cleaning

Nation-Wide Tank Cleaning Team

Miller Environmental's team of tank cleaning experts have worked with industrial personnel from petrochemical, refinery, and other industrial facilities across the country. Our extensive experience allows us to limit downtime and minimize waste, resulting in reduced cost for our customers.

  • Large Crude Tanks
  • Wastewater & Sour Water Tanks
  • #6 Oil, Bunker Oil and Tar Tanks
  • Catalyst Fines
  • Finished Product Tanks
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Acid Tanks
  • Heavy Solids Removal
  • Pygas
  • Cone Roof, IFR, EFR and Underground Tanks

Automated Solutions to Minimize Entry

Miller Environmental is committed to being a technology leader for automated tank cleaning solutions. Our Titan Series offers the latest in lighting, cameras, hydraulics and automation.

Titan Manway Canon

Miller Environmental has developed one of the most advanced robotic cleaning systems available. The canon can reach over 120' across the tank. The explosion-proof lighting and camera system utilizes laser lighting and an infrared camera system that can see up to 400'. It is critical to see what you are cleaning and document the finished product.